supports cultural organizations, brands, and artists worldwide through consulting, strategic business partnerships, professional development, and producing digital immersive experiences
What we do
Our team has extensive experience managing cultural projects and utilizing XR technologies to enhance audience engagement. We offer curating and consulting services to art galleries and cultural organizations, providing them with international outreach and partnership strategies. Additionally, we guide artists in developing professional skills and advise them on art career opportunities and international art residencies.

Experience is our media production studio focusing on digital spatial experiences. We unite talented artists, designers, developers, and creative technologists passionate about creating immersive worlds that challenge perceptions and expand the realms of imagination.

We have done 100+ events in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Germany, Georgia, the UK, Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, France, Canada, and Israel.

With our expertise and global reach, we strive to redefine the boundaries of art and technology, creating meaningful experiences for audiences worldwide.
our services
Our projects in cultural management and XR encompass a wide range of services, including:
Our production studio creates spatial cinematic experiences as commercial and artistic products.
Core Team
We work every day to provide the best services and make our clients happy
    Founding Director
    Cultural entrepreneur and master of organizing and leading project fundraising efforts, including crowdfunding campaigns and outreach to potential sponsors and donors. Anna develops innovative approaches to art education and facilitates workshops and seminars on the art market, curatorial practice, and fundraising for the arts. Based in the US.
    Artistic Director
    Jedi of XR, spatial storytelling, volumetric music videos, holographic documentaries. Virginia Tech graduate and award-winning creator, he studies the human condition in the XXI century by applying philosophical agendas, documentary approach, and immersive environments. Based in the US.
    Strategy Consultant
    Corporate social responsibility and creative partnerships guru with 10+ years in fundraising. As a brand cardiologist, she helps brands fall in love with arts and culture. Executive Master in Luxury Management Graduate, Bocconi University (Italy). Master in Public Relations, Ball State University (US). Based in the EU and Russia.
    With the artist and project manager's background, she can easily assemble an exhibition from an idea to an opening and an artist's portfolio. Fulbright Research Alumna to Syracuse University'18. Ex-Gagosian, Shapiro Auctions, and Watermill Center. Teona is based in Australia, but her soul is forever in Georgia.
    Residencies Specialist
    A Grant Writing & Research professional, she always has an artist residence in her pocket and film and art festival submissions anywhere in the world. She explores curatorial practices, social approaches, and public programming for art institutions. Based between Russia and the Netherlands.
    Development Manager
    Art and social media bestie, connecting people with 12+ years of experience in public and marketing strategies, relations, and creating events on 3 continents. Develops arts&food direction, promotes cultural exchange, writes about state-culture cooperations. TEFAF, ex-MMOMA, Tsentsiper & Yandex. Based in the US.
    Art Manager, Designer
    Entrepreneurial-spirited art manager and artist with 10+ years of art practice and 3 years of professional curiosity in art. She strives to form a visual identity in art projects and creative storytelling in social media. She is a King's College London Graduate exploring Digital Culture & Art. Based in the UK.
  • NEO
    Junior Assistant
    As our youngest team member, Neo actively explores cultural spaces, art show openings, and their abilities to care for the new generation of art lovers. In nine months, he already visited Art Basel and NADA in Miami; Frieze, ISCP, The MET, and Metropolitan Opera in New York; and several artists residencies in Mexico. Based in the US.
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We aim to express and capture something true to the human condition beautifully. We aim to create projects and experiences that inspire, create impact, and transform.

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