Educational Programs

Our educational programs foster creativity and innovation in the arts and support young professionals in their passion for working in the art industry.
management in arts
International Strategies in Art Business:
Management, marketing, and
communications for cultural projects
The year-long program that we designed and curate for Universal University is aimed at aspiring international-level professionals in the art business — managers of art galleries, art fairs, cultural organizations, and events as well as art advisors for private collectors, institutions, and companies.

Students learn about the art market ecosystem getting to know key players. The program helps to understand the peculiarities of private and corporate collecting, artwork evaluation, sales, and logistics as well as legal and tax issues in the art business. The course also covers best practices in management, marketing, communications and fundraising for cultural initiatives. Students attend lectures on contemporary art as well as the foundations of exhibition management and curatorial studies.

One of the specifics of the program is attention to the role of art in companies' activity: from art collaborations to Corporate Social Responsibility programs, and to employee loyalty initiatives and creativity and innovation potential development.

Start date: October 2023
International Strategies in Collecting
and Dealing Contemporary Art

This art market studies course that we designed and curate for Universal University covers historical aspects of the art market development in Europe and North America, including global trends in the 21st century. Students learn key strategies of dealing, collecting and advising on modern and contemporary art in the international context.

The course consists of a mix of lectures and discussions, practical workshops, and project work. Main modules include:
  • Historical Perspectives: Collecting Art and Creating the Market for Modern Pictures
  • A New Century: Collecting and Dealing Modernism, a Transatlantic Affair
  • Contemporary Art: Art Dealing in the Global Age
  • Introduction to the Economics of Art
  • Art Finance. Introduction to Art as an Investment. The Collateral Value of Art
  • The Financialization of the Art Market: Deals
  • Art Advisory. Working with collectors globally
  • The Future of the Art Market: Trends and Predictions

Start date: January 2024
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